Nova Scotia 1997 Bookmarks

Nova Scotia 1997 Bookmarks


NS General links

AIM - Tourism and Travel - Nova Scotia
Good trave/tourism links to regions
Destination: Nova Scotia
strong events
AIM - Leisure - Nova Scotia
Lots science links.
Bluenose Ferry from Bar Harbor, ME to Yarmouth, NS
Virtual Nova Scotia - Links
site w/broad categories, searches and databases do not overlap,pretty useful one stop-shop for a commercial site.
Atlantic Crossroads
WOW this hobbiest site has links to many MANY interesting sites...NON commmercial so a large representation of Arts &Sciences that would be ignored by a site selling links.
Serendipity gold-rush
local and world stories published in Halifax Paper...suspect excerpted with the quantity of misspellings...good local links to events
Slow loading
Reading Room - NS Online
Largest source of listings and links to NS publications and libraries or "reading rooms"
Nova Scotia Links - AIM's Nova Scotia Links
Good variety of categories. A closer look yields links and events that need updating.
Good science links
Atlantic Canada Online Nova Scotia
Limited site ,comercial= paid links,poor event-why bother

$$ converter

General Information: How to Get Your Taxes Back
ITN : Currency Converter



920 CJCH News Talk Radio
2 categories apply to us...get an interview
Atlantic Canada Online
commercial listings ,links work,many categories
Travel Tales : Atlantic Explorer TravelMag - Feature articles and Travelogues about Travel, in Eastern and Atlantic Canada. (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Prince Edward Island)
Internet Travel Network WWW Resources


Nova Scotia Accomodations
site has a lot of links not avail elsewhere,
Bed & Breakfast Online Canada: Nova Scotia
HTI Online: Hotels in Nova Scotia
limited accomodations but had Delta Barrington
Reservation form not working
Nova Scotia Accommodations Links : Atlantic Explorer TravelMag - Accommodations (Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Campgrounds, Hostels, Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, Cottages, etc.) in Nova Scotia, Eastern and Atlantic Canada


The City of Halifax
Everyting you need.
Delta Hotels & Resorts - Delta Barrington

to do

The City of Halifax
Dining in Metro: International
Events In Metro: August
Points of interest
Naturally Nova Scotia: Compounds
Must visit this farm, make herbal tinctures.Well done Web site all i nned to know is hours.
Sent email
Summer Hours and How To Get There
Dave will like this one
Special Events and Entertainment
Weekly Entertainment Guide
Halifax Metro Movie Guide
Zone 451° - Travel - Atlantic Canada - Halifax
Arts, Culture And Heritage: Art Galleries
Burke-Gaffney Observatory
rally slow
out f date july events and listings
Points of interest

Prospect Bed & Breakfast
Welcome to Metro Transit
Delta Hotels & Resorts - Thank-you
The Halifax Herald Limited
Paul S's paper. News, weather, Us!
Halifax (Canada) Amateur Radio Club

Lighthouse route

The Old Fish Factory Restaurant Lunenburg Nova Scotia
Ocean Trail Retreat
Arbor View Inn.....Lunenburg Nova Scotia
Boscawen Inn - Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Things to do

LaHave Bakery - LaHave, Nova Scotia
Lunenburg and Boat bakery.
Gabriel's Bicycle Tours, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Marine Drive

SeaWind Landing Country Inn
Liscombe Lodge

Cape Breton

Oakwood Manor
Cape Breton Island
Bed and Breakfasts - Margaree Harbour
Cape Breton Highlands - Activities
Two Tittle Bed & Breakfast
SoundsCapes - Margaree (Normaway Inn)
Zone 451° - Travel - Atlantic Canada - Cape Breton
Some Interesting Cape Breton Links
Am Bràighe: A Celtic Newspaper
Cape Breton Island
Cape Breton Adventures - Explore It!
RADARSAT-I First Image - Margaree River and Valley

Sunrise Trail

Interesting Things To Do In Antigonish

Glooscap Trail

GORP - Canada - Going with Ebb and Flow Fundy Coast Drive, New Brunswick by Carolyn Rice

Evangeline trail

The Farmhouse Inn
This is where we stay for Cape Split
Western Valley Guide - Restaurants & Tea Rooms - Middleton and Area
Western Valley Guides
The Paradise Inn
Mt. Hanley Austria Inn
Western Valley Guide - Restaurants & Tea Rooms - Middleton and Area
Old Rectory Bed & Breakfast, Port Williams, Nova Scotia


Part of the 1997 Nova Scotia Trip for What Where When