Confederation Bridge to PEI
Itinerary and Notes for June 25

Mileage: 155 Tata to P.E.I. , 908 trip total
Drive time: 12:16 pm - 7:30 pm
Weather:Bright sun!
Music: Love Among the Ruins , Ten Thousand Maniacs
Everybody Else , The Cranberries
Drowning By Numbers , Michael Nyman
Orbital , Orbital

The Plan:

Take in the bridge, then escape the crowds. Drive around, possibly Western PEI.
Check in at Woodlands Country Inn on eastern side.
Dinner at Dundee Arms in Charlottetown or Inn at Bay Fortune.

Jim says:
Brackley beach - Rustico Island (west)
- Stanhope (east)

Reality: Oysters & Martinis

Visit Fraser Cultural Ctr. and favorite volunteer, Janice Kerr. Read about Giantess Anna Swan, tall tale but true- all 7'11'' of this Tatamagouch celebrity.

A great day to be on the road, we prepped with a layer of sunscreen. Keeping the Northumberland Strait to our right, we drove past farm, field, summer cottages and the ever- present Lupin blooms in pink,blue and purple. Soon we found ourselves in New Brunswick, another of Canada's provinces. Not a true sampling, seeing the time we spent here was really driving upon the big on-ramp to the Confederation Bridge.

Over the strait we went, appreciating this marvel of engineering. We've done quite a bit of reading about this link between provinces, the drive over pales to the actual story. Stopped at the visitor center long enough to get oriented, neither of us interested in the lure of the new shopping village promising us the essence of PEI.

We had to pass through Charlottetown, and one can count on a bathroom at the easy- to -find Visitor Information Center. While there, we inquired about the restaurant Lobster on the Wharf, which we had bookmarked on the Web.

It just so happened to be around the corner. The afternoon was glorious, and ratherthan drive to our B&B and return later for an evening meal, we opted for an early dinner in town. Happy hour officially began around 3:30 with a coctail and delicious local oysters.

Hours later, stuffed with lobster, we turned up at Woodlands B&B. The only guests for the night. Great big house, four- poster bed.









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Photo of the day

Oysters, what a surprise

Oysters, what a surprise

We have been anticipating these oysters and martinis since we started planning our trip.