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Itinerary and Notes for July 5

Mileage: 187 Halifax to Annapolis Royal, 1995 trip total
Drive time: 11:30 am - 7:33 pm
Weather:Partly sunny, partly cloudy
Music: Blondie,
Just Say Anything,

The Plan:

Have our complimentary Kayak tour.Crescent Sea Kayaking Tours, Crescent Beach.

Explore area the rest of the day.
Stay in a tipi, hot tub, gourmet meal.
Rough it a little.

Reality: Shore to Shore

Halifax was quiet when we left town. We headed West to Crescent Beach Kayaks. The drive from Bridgewater alongside the Lahave River(Rt.331) was typical quaint South Shore. Too bad we did not have the time to explore more. We missed Peggy's Cove as well, (saving something new for next year).

Arrived just in time for paddling instructions. Joe Laird and his wife Mary got us outfitted for our afternoon Kayak. It was easy,difficult, frustrating and fun. This is a must do if you want a seal's eye view (above the water) of the maritimes. We will definitely do this again.

Tuckered out and hungry is not the best state of mind to be in when making decisions. After driving north most of the width of Nova Scotia, Dave was unsure he wanted to spend his last night in a tipi. The Mersey River Chalets also had cabins, we hoped we could change our reservations for our last night.

Unfortunately, the last chalet had just been booked. We peeked into a tipi just to be sure, and although it was spacious with two twin bed frames and matresses, one mosquito or a bad weather night in a sticky sleeping bag, was just not what we were prepared to deal with. A great place on a different day. Beautiful setting, river, outdoor hot tub and all handicap accessible.

Anticipating a long drive home on Monday, we wanted to" splurge" a little. We were almost to Annapolis Royal, we decided to take our chances there. As luck would have it, there were rooms at one of the villages grandest mansions,the Queen Anne Inn. Our innkeeper was even helpful in our choosing just the right place for a meal, and she made our reservations at the White Raven Inn. Dave was wild over his grilled salmon. We slept well this night.









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Photo of the day

Wearing A Skirt

Wearing A Skirt

Dave suits up for an afternoon of kayaking. The "skirt" keeps water out of the kayak. Every beginner is pretty drippy when it comes to paddling.