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This trip is fondly recorded in cyberspace for all who know and love this fair region of Atlantic Canada and all who may be inspired to make their own journey. This travel diary enhances our original experiences through sharing the days' experiences with others, while providing us with a virtual souvenir to revisit long after the vacation ends. The pages you are about to access are part III of our Nova Scotia travel tour notebooks this NH couple has produced for fun and posterity. And let's not forget P.E.I.!

In '96 we discovered the region for ourselves. In '97 we came back for more and this year we return because we know we'll still have fresh and wonderful times. Three is our magic number, the planning both online and off has been easier, we are in the moment-with less publishing time, and we have old friends and places to visit and new friends and favorite places to find.

Open the pages and look inside....we invite you to share this special place with us.

A threefold cord is not easily broken.
- Ecclesiastes 4:12