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Rosanne writes, "Dave has lived in NH for over 15 years. He's a geek with outside interests. His favorite toy is his '93 Miata. Oh the fun we've had in it. Many happy miles-all four seasons in NH! When we vacation, Atlantic Canada and all its cliffside drives are a blast. But getting here is only half the fun. Spending a day hiking to an overlook, or looking for the best rocks are things we both love to do, but need a vacation to take the time to enjoy. Here's a photo where we may turn a corner and say 'OH WOW'!

I'm a Maine transplant living too far from the daily tides. In my courtship with David, I grew to LIKE the little convertable almost as much as him. My blood boiled when he took his ex for a ride in "our" car- made me realize I loved 'em both. Work and volunteer activities demand much of my time throughout the year. These vacations are needed...special time to be together and just play! 'Look ma, I'm lobsterin'!

If you review our past trips you'll notice my hair color changes dramaticly. I am the same woman! Get used to it, hair was meant to be experimented with. Keeps my friends guessing. so far, no grey. 1996 Black hair oh-so-fair . In1997, husband seen with a blond.