Web Whim and Welcomes
Virtual tourists return to Nova Scotia

We just can't seem to get enough of this fair Canadian province. Our first introduction to Nova Scotia was in 1995. We spent a weekend and attended a wedding. The stay was brief--we had no time to shop, nothing to declare at customs- which aroused suspicion, but that's another story. We spent hours on a deserted beach the morning of the wedding. The ceremony took place in a high mountaintop field with the Bay of Fundy as a backdrop....we were smitten.

The lovely people and natural beauty of Nova Scotia finally lured us back last year where we spent two weeks driving about and documenting our adventures on-line. <http://newww.com/trip> We skirted along coastal routes stopping when we fancied, meeting friendly folk and hooking up the laptop computer every evening (well, almost) to log our adventures. Using the Web to plan and arrange our trip was sketchy at best; all forms of promotion were just getting started, including tourism services.

However, in 1997, we are at no loss of resources on the Internet. Places to stay, regional information, menus ...planning is EXCITING. Bookmark a site and it does not get lost in a pile of pamphlets on the kitchen table! We are also logging e-mailed suggestions from other tourists and the ever-helpful residents...who seem to be the biggest tourism resource for the Province. I think we shall have to return yet again to experience all there is to do and see here.

Our 1997 on-line trip site will reflect some of the year's advancements of the Web in Nova Scotia, most notably the number of Web sites and links. It will also be modified to take less publishing time on our part WITHOUT sacrificing content... which is guaranteed to exceed last year's inexperienced tourist meanderings and leave us more time to experience our "virtual vacation". Without the special inhabitants and businesses of Nova Scotia our Web site would be just another tourism publication. We hope to celebrate and share our delight and enthusiasm as we experience a very real vacation-adventure. We welcome your comments and suggestions, many of which we'll try to include in our itinerary.

We'll see you soon,

Dave & Rosanne

Our Tentative Itinerary (subject to Weather, Web & Whim)

21-Leave NH, board ferry in Portland for pm passage to Yarmouth. Deck picnic of lobster rolls, champagne and chocolate mousse. A good nights sleep.
22 -Yarmouth, bank, coffee shop and ??, Peggy's Cove, Lunch in Lunenburg/Mahone Bay , Check in -Halifax, Friday night-sushi & FUN.
23 -Halifax, meet w/Halifax press, Art Gallery of NS, public gardens including Hemlock Ravine, ferry to Dartmouth, La Perla meal....some jazz & nightcap.
24 - Marine drive,sea kayak, beach, smoked salmon. Place to stay?? or Tor Bay?
25 - Tor Bay/Seawind Landing -Island Day, work up appetite for Lorraine's cooking!
26 - " " " " Barrens Hike then drive to Cape Bretton.
27 - Cape Breton Lake Bras d'or , Lodging..?,
28 - " " Neil Harbour, Cabot trail driving, Lodging..?
29 - " " Bay St. Lawrence, Margaree- Normaway Inn
30 - " " "Egypt" or Piper's Glen Falls hike....drive toward Minas basin or
31 - Back to Halifax for Fringe Fest and Int'l Daliah show
01 - Lunenberg/Mahone Bay, Lodging?
02 - Cape Split (check tides) Blomidon , Lodging ?
03 - Five Islands area. Beach day ,
04 - Middleton , Mt Hanley -Austria Inn,
05 - Sand or Keating beach, return to Yarmouth ,buy world best ginger snaps at Edna's Bakery and provisions for pm ferry ride to Bar Harbor.
06 - visit friends in Blue Hill/Brooklin ME.
07 - Home sweet home
08 - Dave's BIRTHDAY!

I can't wait to leave my computer and get to NS! Here's my generic message I'm sending over the phone lines these days: My husband / partner David and I are happy to announce we are returning to Nova Scotia for another documented On-line driving tour. We are attempting to research and plan much of our itinerary using the WWW in one form or another. YOUR suggestions count! Do you have a special place, restaurant, hike or "must see" you wish to share? Would you like to meet us? Do you have a favorite local Web site that will assist in our planning? Last year's trip is still published at:


Take a look and see what we did last year for a feel of what we like to do...for the moment our plans are just forming Our tastes have not changed too much. We still enjoy fine dining,lonesome out-of the way places, twisting & winding roads, meeting friendly people, quiet beaches, hiking wood-paths and shorelines, museums, music, birdwatching,the "unusual" and a comfy bed. We found all of these in N.S. and are returning for more. We are not big shoppers,prefer secondary roads to highways,country inns and guest homes to motels. We often avoid the tourist spots/activities and look for the real flavor of an area including finnan haddie.

Personally, I would like to stay longer than a night in some locations.Here's my wish list: Do more more hiking, cycling and socializing. I'd love to go dancing or find some good jazz in Halifax. Spend an entire day picnicing/viewing the tides at Cape Split. Explore Cape Blomidon. Try sea kayaking. Listen to Loons/find a dark sky for stargazing. Eat loads of fresh fish (and Tangier smoked salmon) and pastry. And Visit: A good flea market/baazar/community rummage sale. More Gardens like Annapolis R & Halifax. Old cemetaries and quiet chapels.Landscape (local) art galleries. That's ALL!

E-mail us your suggestions:
or rosanne@newww.com